Bridging IT security and physical security networks

San Luis Obispo, CA., March 23, 2012 – HauteSpot Networks Corporation announced today the release of a new HauteLINK ™ VPN solution, featuring both VPN Gateway and VPN Client routers. It is the ultimate solution for connecting remote surveillance networks, securely, over shared IT or public networks.

The HauteLINK™ solution set bridges a crucial management gap that exists between the needs of physical security/surveillance and IT networking. With the HauteLINK™ solution, existing IT infrastructure can be used to tunnel physical security/surveillance Ethernet networks. However, it still allows IT to fully control QoS, bandwidth utilization, and network security that transports the tunnel. Physical security/surveillance staff gets their own Ethernet network with wire-speed performance, layer 2 discovery, among other beneficial functions without impacting IT.

The HauteLINK™ enables the sharing of network resources, and allows both physical security/surveillance and IT administrators to independently stay in control of their own networks. It provides administrators with a fully programmable, easy to configure, and secure solution.

The HauteLINK™ solution uses two routers, the VPN Gateway and the VPN Client. The VPN Gateway is a feature rich router that allows remote users to securely connect to a private network (inside) over another public network such as, an IT network, the Internet, 3G/4G wireless. The VPN Gateway is the gatekeeper that verifies remote clients and encrypts messages sent over the public network. Like all HauteSpot routers, the VPN Gateway is equipped with free management software and diagnostic tools. It also offers “behind the firewall” features for easy video deployment.

The VPN Client is a compact, low cost router designed for “Plug and Play” installation in a remote location. It can also create a reliable and secure connection, which is tunneled connection over local, or remote IT networks. The VPN Client router can connect using Ethernet, DSL, cable, 3G or 4G. It provides several local Ethernet ports to which devices like cameras, computers, NVRs, or NAS storage devices can be attached. They automatically call the configured VPN Gateway, link up and the network looks like it is locally attached.

Earlier this year Veracity USA, a company specializing in video surveillance and storage solutions became a partner of HauteSpot Networks. Veracity’s innovative disk storage product called COLDSTORE, is well suited for customers who need to store large amounts of video data for long periods of time; and who wish to spend a fraction of the initial and operating cost normally associated with a storage system. Veracity also sells a product called CamSwitch Quad, a small, 12 volt PoE switch designed for buses, trains, cars etc. Both of these products smoothly integrate with the HauteLINK™ and other HauteSpot products.

Veracity is not only a partner of HauteSpot, but also one of its valued customers. Veracity wanted to build a demo for their COLDSTORE and CamSwitch Quad products. The demo would allow Veracity sales staff in the field, to remotely connect over the Internet from anywhere in the world to a COLDSTORE server in their New Jersey headquarters. The demo streams video from cameras attached locally to the COLDSTORE through a CamSwitch Quad, and also streams video from remote cameras to the COLDSTORE over the VPN link.

The demo installation was simple. A HauteSpot HauteLINK™ VPN Gateway router was installed at the headquarters and a one-time configuration of the HauteLINK™ VPN Client routers for dynamic configuration and connection to the Gateway.

“The HauteLINK™ system was very easy to use and has been extremely reliable,” said Scott Sereboff, CEO of Veracity USA. “We have already run demonstrations at remote sites around the country and the results have been exactly what we expected.”

Veracity and HauteSpot will be featuring the companies’ products and holding live demonstrations at ISC West in Las Vegas, March 28-30, 2012.

About HauteSpot Networks

HauteSpot Networks products are designed on three principles: multifunctional, cost effectiveness and a small eco footprint. HauteSpot Networks' high performance, wireless, routing platforms can easily be configured to meet the demanding needs of HD broadcast, surveillance and monitoring. Products are cost effective and generally utilize less equipment than other systems, without losing the integrity of the application or video quality. Thus, HauteSpot remains of most cost efficient options today. The company offers solutions for a range of applications and configurations including point to multipoint, point to point, mesh, 802.11 Wi-Fi. Furthermore, HauteSpot Networks' TDMA protocol supports wireless point to multipoint video streaming at rates of 190Mbps with low latency, no jitter, and predictable delay variation.

HauteSpot Networks emphasizes the capabilities to stream high-definition live video anywhere and at any time. The company offers a wide array of products designed for mobile applications. Because the equipment is small, lightweight and rugged it can be installed inside vehicles (i.e., trains, buses, cars) or discreetly hidden and out of sight.

Founded in 2006 in San Luis Obispo California, HauteSpot Networks Corporation is privately held. It is a self-certified minority and women owned business.

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