HauteSpot Networks and Sentry360 today announced that at this years ISC West conference they will be demonstrating a completely integrated 180 degree panoramic 8MP camera which combines full feature NVR functions, 1TB of disk storage, 3G and 4G cellular rate adaptive streaming transmission, and geo-location tracking.


San Luis Obispo, CA., April 8, 2013 – HauteSpot Networks Corporation of San Luis Obispo, California and Sentry360 Security Inc. of Plainfield, IL. jointly announced that they will be demonstrating a new camera system at this year’s ISC West 2013 convention. The new camera system, which has not yet been named, combines the Sentry360 FS-IP8180 8 megapixel 180 degree hemispheric camera, the HauteSpot Networks’ microNVR storage and edge video processing platform, HauteSpot’s HauteMOBiLE-C router, HauteSpot’s MVEvideo processing software, and a commodity 3G/4G USB cellular modem all in an innovative low profile enclosure.

The complete system can be quickly installed to any light pole, fence post, or building side in minutes. Just aim the camera horizontally or vertically and connect power. The system consumes less than 15W at 12VDC, making it easily powered by solar, wind, PoE, or even battery for short periods of time. It can also be powered from standard AC city power. The integrated heater/blower allows the system to operating in extreme temperature environments.

The FS-IP8180 camera has a wide field of view with excellent pixel density, providing sharp images with a large coverage area. With on-board, hardware accelerated de-warping, fast frame rate 8MP images can be stored on the microNVR’s high capacity internal storage.

The MVE edge video processing software then reliably transmits the video over narrow bandwidth links like 3G cellular at best effort resolution. If 4G cellular is available, the image quality, resolution and frame rate will increase, approaching full native camera rates.

The demonstration will show live streaming from the Sentry360 Security Inc ISC West booth 23139 over public cellular to the HauteSpot Networks booth 9139.

The new camera is ideal for oil/gas production monitoring, public utility monitoring, parks, perimeter security, campus security, or any application where a low profile camera is required to be installed quickly with minimal installation effort and cost. “Sentry360 Security Inc is excited to team up with Hautespot for this project. When we designed our 180 camera, we wanted to create a high megapixel camera with one lens and one sensor that was able to deliver a full 180 degree panoramic shot right out of the box. Its small form factor allows the camera to consume very little power while having versatility within the market. Since our first meeting with HauteSpot, we knew their technology would enable us to tackle new and exciting opportunities.” -Adam Stines Executive Vice President.

About HauteSpot Networks

HauteSpot Networks products are designed on three principles: multifunctional, cost effectiveness and a small eco footprint. HauteSpot Networks' high performance, wireless, routing platforms can easily be configured to meet the demanding needs of HD broadcast, surveillance and monitoring. Products are cost effective and generally utilize less equipment than other systems, without losing the integrity of the application or video quality. Thus, HauteSpot remains of most cost efficient options today. The company offers solutions for a range of applications and configurations including point to multipoint, point to point, mesh, 802.11 Wi-Fi. Furthermore, HauteSpot Networks' TDMA protocol supports wireless point to multipoint video streaming at rates of 190Mbps with low latency, no jitter, and predictable delay variation.

HauteSpot Networks emphasizes the capabilities to stream high-definition live video anywhere and at any time. The company offers a wide array of products designed for mobile applications. Because the equipment is small, lightweight and rugged it can be installed inside vehicles (i.e., trains, buses, cars) or discreetly hidden and out of sight.

Founded in 2006 in San Luis Obispo California, HauteSpot Networks Corporation is privately held. It is a self-certified minority and women owned business.

For more information about HauteSpot Networks, visit www.hautespot.net

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