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Wednesday, 09 January 2013 16:00

Port of Grays Harbor

Project Synopsis

The Port Of Grays Harbor in Washington State was faced with the task of protecting over 1500 acres of port property. There was little existing communications infrastructure, a large amount of industrial equipment which created RF noise, rain, fog, salt air, and long obstructed distances to cover. The Port had received a grant Funded by the US Port Security Grant Program for a comprehensive video security system and they commissioned SiteSecurity360 to design and install a state of the art IP surveillance system that would meet their immediate needs for video surveillance and provide capacity for future expansion. SiteSecurity360 partnered with HauteSpot Networks to create a wireless solution that was reliable and extensible.

Over 15 2 and 5 megapixel IP cameras were placed at key points throughout the property. In order to maximize coverage a hub and spoke design was used which placed a distribution repeater high atop a grain silo with a ½ mile backhaul link to the Port headquarters. This provided line of sight coverage to remote cameras, some as far as 3 miles away. 90% of the wireless links were over a half a mile in distance. The point to multipoint design greatly reduced the cost of installation by eliminating unnecessary mesh or repeater nodes. HauteSpot Networks’ TDMA protocol reduced jitter and stabilized video streaming over this multi hop network. HauteSpot wireless enabled over 6 miles of links around the Port, eliminating the need for trenching, allowing cameras to be placed where they needed to be, reducing the installation time, and meeting all of the objectives the Port had for providing perimeter security to this vast facility.

Integrator: SiteSecurity360
HauteSpot Rep: CVReps
Products: HauteWRAP
IP Cameras: Over 15 cameras with a combination of PTZ, Fixed Megapixel and Multi-Imager Panoramic IP Cameras.
Project Type: Commercial Video Surveillance

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