• Intelligent
  • Designed for Video
  • Flexible Topography
  • High Performance / Low Profile
  • Standards Based

HauteSpot products are intelligent devices, not just dumb appliances. You can configure your HauteSpot router or microNVR to respond to changes in environment, and react to critical events such as alarms. HauteSpot provides a complete API for interacting with our devices and the HauteSpot Network Manager to provide comprehensive, network wide management.

HauteSpot products are designed for IP video streaming, not just repurposed from data networking. With comprehensive settings to control timing, jitter, frame sizing, buffering, TDMA wireless protocols, and more, every HauteSpot product can be optimized to meet the demanding needs of IP video, as well as the not so demanding needs of data and voice.

HauteSpot wireless routers are designed for flexibility and can be used in point to point, point to multipoint, mesh, and even cellular configurations. Your investment in wireless routing equipment is protected against obsolescence thanks to HauteSpots continuous commitment to software improvement which adds new features and functions.

HauteSpot products are all high on function, but small in size and power consumption. Consuming less than half the power of our competition, HauteSpot products require less cooling, less power input, and have extended operating temperatures. This makes them ideal for remote applications where solar, wind, or battery power operation are required. It also means that they can fit into smaller enclosures, or even your pocket.

HauteSpot products support both a full suite of IEEE, ITU and IETF standards, as well as proprietary enhancements which are user selectable. Standards assure interoperability with a variety of third party networking devices and applications while HauteSpot proprietary features deliver performance and tuning capabilities which standards may miss. Users can specify how they want their HauteSpot products to perform with a simple click of a mouse.

HauteSpot Solutions Offering

HauteSpot offers a complete catalog of hardware products and software solutions , all centered around our ecosystem approach to wireless. All of our products are designed for open interoperability with third party systems such as PSIM, CAD, or VMS systems. 


HauteWRAP™ and WRAPter™ Wireless Routers

These are outdoor, ruggedized wireless routers which are designed to be installed on poles, roof, side of the building, trees, etc. These create a canopy of wireless coverage which can be used for general communications or for Video Surveillance. Our wireless protocols are highly secure, very fast and optimized for streaming video. HauteWRAP is our standard product family, varies kits available for purchase, and WRAPter is our economy product family. 

HauteMOBiLE™ and HauteMESH™ Wireless Routers

HauteMOBiLE and HauteMESH designed for vehicles and battery powered. Can have up to 5 different wireless interfaces plus up to 6 cellular modems. These we refer to as “Nomadic” and are designed to connect to HauteWRAP products which are prepositioned around a city.


HauteEDGE microNVR® are our compact, low power consumption, x86 edge processors. Designed to be run from battery, solar, or vehicle power. It comes with Linux or Window 7 Pro OS which can run Milestone, Exact, Genetec, Axion, and other VMS systems. HauteEDGE HiveCAM®

 is a complete camera, router, NVR system, designed to be easy deployed. 


HauteVIEW100 dockable body worn camera. 32 or 64GB onboard storage, USB docking, integrated screen, standard H.264 format. Designed to work with either HauteVIEW100 Docking System (economy system for small installs) or with Evidence Case ManagerTM (ECM) for larger installs. Can download to a microNVR in vehicle. Very competitive specs to all the other dockable cameras on the market.


HauteVIEW DICVS Wireless live streaming digital in car video system. Runs the same client agent software as the HauteVIEW200 cameras. Live over LTE or WiFi. Communicates with HauteWRAP and all of our wireless routers too. Generally sold in kits with our HauteMOBiLE wireless router for faster, longer range downloads. Can operate completely on WiFi or roam between LTE and WiFi. Use with HauteVIEW CMS system.

HauteVIEW™ 200

HauteVIEW200 Body worn wireless video, audio and sensor system. Both LTE and WiFi for live wireless streaming. Up to 1080p30 video, G.711 two way audio, alarms. System is a fully functioning WiFi router with an H.264 IP camera.


Evidence Case Manager™  (ECM)

This is our comprehensive system for ingesting, storing, managing, tagging, searching, extracting, and redacting video, audio and other files. It is broken up into several servers and user applications. Evidence Case ManagerTM (ECM) can download video directly from HauteVIEW100 cameras or can ingest video and data files from dock servers or our HauteVIEW Central Management System (CMS) server for the HauteVIEW200 wireless cameras.

HauteVIEW Central Management System™ (CMS)

This is the back end system for our HauteVIEW200 wireless body worn and HauteVIEW DICVS digital in car video systems. The HauteVIEW CMS Server includes 7 units of functional servers. Users have the option of deploying 1, 2 or more of the 7 Functional Servers. Generally you have one Login Server and then as many of the other servers as you need, routing sessions to the correct Gateway, etc upon login. Files from the HauteVIEW CMS can be send to Evidence Case ManagerTM (ECM) as well for long term storage, processing, etc.

HauteVIEW™ Docking System

HauteVIEW docking system is the stand alone server software for our HauteVIEW100 dockable body worn cameras. It just handles download from cameras docked using USB and storage of files to the local Dock Server disk drive or Windows CIFS share NAS. For small departments that are not using wireless it is a good solution for standard BWC. Files from HauteVIEW Docking System can be sent to Evidence Case ManagerTM (ECM) if desired, although there is no real reason to use both, other than for upgrade.


Mesh Video Management System. HiveMINDER is our Java based, cross platform VMS system. It is very small and super efficient. It can run on Android, IOS, Windows, Linux and OSX. Any device can become a VMS server, a client, or a relay. It has many features for analytics, video processing, storage, alarming, IO, etc. We use it with our microNVR server hardware to deliver video at the edge, so that it does not need to come back over wireless unless there is an alarm. Can be used in vehicles, body worn, on pole camera, etc. Our largest installation runs HiveMINDER on several core servers with over 500 5MP cameras attached. We call it mesh because it can share resources for storage, video processing, analytics, etc across nodes. So there is no need for a central server. Everything can be peer to peer.


Our wireless routing system used on our routers. This includes full routing, wireless, bridging, firewalling, VPN server, VPN client, storage, and management protocol/application support. It runs on ARM, MIPS, x86 processors, although we really only use it on our MIPS based routers. We sometimes do run the router under a virtual machine on our microNVR systems to deliver more advanced router services when needed. We have a web management interface which is embedded on each router, a client/server application which supports layer 2 and IPV6 device discovery and management beyond what the web interface does, a SSH/telnet interface, and complete API for Python, PHP, and SSL with lots of examples. We also have a complete SNMP network management system which is designed to manage and monitor our devices, as well as third party devices.


Help & Tips

  • Power loss prevention +

    Cameras and routers should be put on a UPS system to prevent in case of power loss.
  • Waterproofing +

    Be prepared to waterproof your connectors using rubber electrical compound and/or splicing tape.
  • Appropriate power +

    All HauteSpot routers operate on 11-27VDC. Be sure camera enclosures have heat blowers operating at 24VAC.
  • Ethernet switch device +

    The HauteWRAP family offers a 3 port Ethernet switch model. This eliminates the need for a switch device.
  • Antenna beamwidth +

    The narrower the horizontal beamwidth, the higher the gain; narrow beam antennas receive less noise.
  • Frequency +

    The lower the frequency, the more prone to interference your network will be.
  • Channel +

    The fewer useable channels you have available, the more difficult to determine the source of interference.
  • Antenna for mobile +

    Use a multi-polarized or circular polarity antenna on the remote vehicle, a standard sector antenna on the master/AP.
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