HauteSpot Evidence Case Manager™

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Evidence workflow Management Software



Manage All of Your Data Resources

HauteSpot Networks Evidence Case Manager (ECM) is a comprehensive solution for capturing, processing, monitoring, transferring, storing and searching data from a variety of sources. .


Not Just Video

ECM is designed around the use of metadata to process, transfer and search video, audio, still images, and other information. Metadata is a description of the contents of a file. Metadata can come from the video itself, from motion detection, color detection, license plate recognition or other data created by running analytics (programs) against the video. Metdata can also come from sensors external to the camera/video source. Sensors can provide biometrics data such as heart rate, blood pressure, or O2 levels. Sensors can also provide GPS location data, utility belt status (trigger lock open, handcuffs open, baton out, pepper spray out, etc.), proximity to objects or people, and more.

HauteVIEWTM body worn cameras, HiveCAM® cameras and HauteSpot digital in-car video systems are designed to generate metadata and provide it to ECM. ECM then uses this metadata for processing and routing data through your evidence workflow

Fully Automated

ECM is designed around full chain of custody management. When used with HauteVIEW cameras, ECM digitally watermarks every file at the source, whether video, audio, still image,or data, making tampering fully evident. Permission based access control allows agencies to define who can access files, what rights they have to manage files, and fully protects sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Designed To Be Simple And Easy To Use

ECM is specifically designed for the demanding needs of law enforcement, guard services, public safety, and health care. It provides simple graphic user interfaces that are intuitive for nontechnical users. At the same time ECM offers powerful configuration and integration flexibility that IT managers require. Depending on your agency’s specific workflow, ECM can directly read video and metadata files from cameras attached to docking stations, completely eliminating the need for officers to do anything other than drop their HauteVIEW cameras into docking stations. Future wireless HauteVIEW cameras will allow ECM to directly transfer data over cellular and/or WiFi to create a “frictionless” solution where officers need to do nothing more than turn their cameras on and off. ECM agents on the cameras will automatically take care of transfers and generating alarms which can be sent to dispatchers and watch commanders in real time.

Robust Storage Management

Whether you store your video locally on HauteVIEW Dock Servers, use your preexisting Network Attached Storage (NAS), use dedicated local long term storage, or store to the Cloud, ECM provides complete storage, search, and retrieval management. Users do not need to be aware of where files are stored. ECM mounts, recalls, indexes and completely manages your storage infrastructure. Beyond storage management, ECM allows you to integrate to other systems, extracting video and data from third party source systems to combine with your HauteVIEW video and data. Video management systems such as Milestone, ExacqVision, OnSSI, DVTel, Genetec and other can all use the same ECM storage infrastructure. ECM clients can then search across all video and data sources and evidence files can be created by combining data from many different systems.