HauteEDGE HiveCAM®

IP Camera, Wireless Router, NVR
Why Buy Just a Camera When You Can Buy a System
  • Simplicity of Installation
    Support passive 1Gbps 12VDC Power Over Ethernet (PoE), all you need to do is mount it to a pole or the side of a building, plug it in to AC power or a solar DC system, and you are done!
  • Manage. Search. Retrieve
    Optional extension using HauteSpot Evidence Case ManagerTM (ECMTM)which provides comprehensive management, search and retrieval and integration with body worn and digital in-vehicle video.
  • Open Standard Platform
    Run the latest version of Linux x64 allowing simple extensibility through the use of distribution packages, or it can run MS Windows 7 Pro, Mac OS, or iPhone OS.
  • Designed For The Rigors of the Edge
    Temperature range operation from -20 to +70C, allowing it to run in the most extreme environments without the requirement for external, expensive, heating and cooling solutions.
  • Power Efficient
    It can run as little as 12 Watts, making it ideal for low power operations such as solar, wind, and fuel cell applications.

  • Distributed Storage
    Create a fully secure (256 bit AES encrypted) VPN mesh between camera nodes. As you add more cameras to your system, you linearly scale up your processing performance and storage capacity, allowing for limitless growth and unparalleled reliability.
  • High Definition
    5 megapixel high performance, high speed imager which supports up to 50fps at high definition.

SIA Award 2015

Best Video Surveillance HD Camera


  • Campus
  • City parks and public areas
  • Sports and outdoor events
  • Military perimeter security
  • Oil and gas fields & platforms
  • Office parks
  • Transit
  • Law enforcement
  • Covert

Download 5MP Datasheet
Download 3MP Day/Night Datasheet


  • Cost effective
  • No single point of failure
  • Simplified installation (no line of sight requirements)
  • Seamless scalability
  • Greatly reduced bandwidth (no need to stream everything at high resolution, only send events and store everything else at the edge)
  • Always record, local storage
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully self contained
  • Completely automatic, no user intervention required

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