HauteEDGE microNVR®1500

Intelligence. Performance. Capacity.
Intelligent Edge Processing System
  • Designed For The Rigors of the Edge
    The microNVR® 1500 is rated for extended temperature range operation from -20 to +70C, meaning that it can operate in the most extreme environments without the requirement for external and expensive heating and cooling solutions.The microNVR 1500 consumes very little power. Depending on configuration, this can be as little at 12 watts, making it ideal for low power operations such as solar, wind, fuel cell, vehicle or body worn.
  • Search and Retrieval
    Optional extension using HauteSpot Evidence Case ManagerTM (ECMTM)which provides comprehensive management, search and retrieval and integration with body worn and digital in-vehicle video. Optional HDMI encoder for remote system monitoring.
  • Optional Digital Video Encoding
    Just attach a source device video output to the microNVR input, video from the microNVR encoding can be sent as a standard H.264 RTP/RTSP stream to most VMS systems, or it can record into HiveMINDER™ for longer term storage. This is the perfect solution for community public/private video surveillance, remote system monitoring, central station monitoring, or any application where remote desktop monitoring is required.
  • VMS
    HauteSpot offers three VMS solutions: HiveMINDER, or you can use any VMS solution that runs under Linux or MS Windows.
    HivMINDER can be deployed using Video Surveillance as Service (VsaaS) as well.
  • Bandwidth Reduction
    No need to stream everything at high resolution, only send events and store everything else at the edge.
  • Self-sufficient
    It comes with 240GB mSATA SSD storage, 1080p100 H.264 encode/decode/transcode, Quard Core processor, and IO ports to support almost any sensor data gathering .
  • Software Choice
    It is designed to support virtually any MS Windows or Linux applications.



  • Campus
  • City Parks, Public areas, and Office parks
  • Sports and Outdoor events
  • Military Perimeter Security
  • Oil and Gas Fields
  • Oil and Gas Platforms
  • Transit
  • Law Enforcement and Covert Applications


  • Always record, local storage.
  • Transfer only events
  • Completely automatic, no user intervention required
  • Fully self contained
  • Wide range of backhaul and mesh wireless frequencies supported
  • Almost every cellular carrier network supported
  • 12 Watts total operating power (typical)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fully programmable
  • Open standard operating system. Add your own applications
  • Comprehensive configuration)
  • Free complete network management system

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