HauteEDGE microNVR®2000

Intelligence. Performance. Capacity.
Moving Your Network Video Flawlessly
  • Scalable ROI & Cost Effectiveness
    The microNVR2000 is a distributed video storage system. As you add cameras, simply add microNVR2000s in the field next to the cameras. Using dynamic hierarchical storage models, you can move videos from the microNVR to cloud storage, to near line storage, saving time and money.
  • Remote Viewing & Instant Playing
    Easy to use with intuitive interface and powerful remote management capabilities. Web based management tools allow for complete system management remotely, from any location over any connection.
  • Mega-pixel Camera
    The HauteEDGE™microNVR2000 can capture up to 150fps of 1080p (2MP) video via any combination of USB, Ethernet, analog, or wireless IP connections. That is enough encoding capacity to support 20, 2MP cameras at 7 fps!
  • Live Video Streaming
    stream live video anywhere, any time, where you want it, and when you want it.
  • Open Platform
    The HauteEDGE™microNVR2000 is a 2x2 MIMO and optional cellular wireless open platform mobile or edge device  that supports both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Flexible Configuration
    Support RAID storage with front panel removable drives or integrated 4 port PoE switch or 4 channel analog video and audio Input.
  • 3G/4G Support
    microNVR supports 3G (EVDO, HSPA, EDGE) and 4G (WiMAX and LTE) with optional USB modems




  • Small office remote monitoring
  • Forward operating bases for military – force protection
  • Border security
  • Parks security
  • Mobile Operations Center
  • In Vehicles such as trains, planes, buses with many cameras
  • Hybrid VMS
  • Analog LPR cameras


  • Low initial investment
  • Stream video anywhere, any time
  • Geographically distributed, centrally managed
  • Easy to manage and configure
  • 2TB internal storage and unlimited external storage
  • Open architecture
  • Chose any VMS
  • Auto-boot on power
  • Disk protection extensions
  • Reliable
  • Built-in 4 port PoE switch (802.3af/at)

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