• Intelligent
  • Designed for Video
  • Flexible Topography
  • High Performance / Low Profile
  • Standards Based

HauteSpot products are intelligent devices, not just dumb appliances. You can configure your HauteSpot router or microNVR to respond to changes in environment, and react to critical events such as alarms. HauteSpot provides a complete API for interacting with our devices and the HauteSpot Network Manager to provide comprehensive, network wide management.

HauteSpot products are designed for IP video streaming, not just repurposed from data networking. With comprehensive settings to control timing, jitter, frame sizing, buffering, TDMA wireless protocols, and more, every HauteSpot product can be optimized to meet the demanding needs of IP video, as well as the not so demanding needs of data and voice.

HauteSpot wireless routers are designed for flexibility and can be used in point to point, point to multipoint, mesh, and even cellular configurations. Your investment in wireless routing equipment is protected against obsolescence thanks to HauteSpots continuous commitment to software improvement which adds new features and functions.

HauteSpot products are all high on function, but small in size and power consumption. Consuming less than half the power of our competition, HauteSpot products require less cooling, less power input, and have extended operating temperatures. This makes them ideal for remote applications where solar, wind, or battery power operation are required. It also means that they can fit into smaller enclosures, or even your pocket.

HauteSpot products support both a full suite of IEEE, ITU and IETF standards, as well as proprietary enhancements which are user selectable. Standards assure interoperability with a variety of third party networking devices and applications while HauteSpot proprietary features deliver performance and tuning capabilities which standards may miss. Users can specify how they want their HauteSpot products to perform with a simple click of a mouse.



HauteSpot Networks delivers solutions for mobile, nomadic, and fixed wireless IP video surveillance and situational awareness.


Traditionally public networks have provided many challenges to live video streaming. They are not always reliable, they do not always deliver the bandwidth you desire or require, and they can become very congested, particularly in emergencies when they are most needed. Wireless has been restricted to the highly congested public 2.4GHz and 802.11n based 5-5.8GhzWiFi service (Country dependent). Cellular 3G, even with HSPA, or 4GLTE has not delivered the persistent quality bandwidth required for HD streaming video. HauteSpot changes the dynamics of the network and allows the placement and connection of any camera, in any location, cost effectively.

Our wireless broadband routers can support private wireless networks built using 802.11a/b/g/n or HauteSpot TDMA protocols, as well as connectivity to public wireless networks using 3G EvDO, UMTS, HSPA+, and GSM EDGE or 4G LTE. Use our routers to connect across your campus, around your city, or across the country

Our VPN solutions connect across public and private networks to create private, secured, authenticated, and fully managed virtual networks, optimized for IP video.

Our microNVR IP video processing platform and MVE™ and Mobile Evidence Case Manager™ (Mobile ECM™) applications allow you to store, transcode, transmit, and manage high definition, fast frame rate video over any network from low bandwidth 3G to high speed MIMO.

All HauteSpot products offer compact, high performance, low power, and highly reliable, hardware together with our HauteRouterOS embedded operating system and application software which is designed for both ease of use, performance and configurability.

Combine our VPN gateways, IP video processing platforms, video management software, and our intelligent wireless routers to create complete, scalable, highly interoperable solutions for a variety of vertical market applications.

Whether you are building wireless IP video solutions for vehicles, that are portable, for securing buildings or for securing your community, HauteSpot Networks has a solution for you.