Body Worn

A Whole New Paradigm
in Situational Awareness




Sometimes you need a first person point of view.

HauteVIEW™ 100

The HauteVIEW™ 100 dockable body worn camera. 32 or 64GB onboard storage, USB docking, integrated screen, standard H.264 format. Designed to work with either HauteVIEW100 Docking System (economy system for small installs) or with Evidence Case ManagerTM (ECM) for larger installs. Can download to a microNVR® in vehicle. Very competitive specs to all the other dockable cameras on the market.

HauteVIEW™ 200

The HauteVIEW™200 Body worn wireless video, audio and sensor system. Both LTE and WiFi for live wireless streaming. Up to 1080p30 video, G.711 two way audio, alarms. System is a fully functioning WiFi router with an H.264 IP camera.

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