Multi Services IP Wireless Network
Cost Effective and Easy to Install

Extending your surveillance and general data network around your campus or city using wireless is cost effective, reliable, attractive, and quick using HauteSpot fixed wireless solutions.

The HauteWRAP™ and WRAPter™ fixed wireless routers have evolved over the last 8 years into the leading solution on the market for wireless IP connectivity, and specifically IP video streaming. They are feature rich, high performance systems that are also cost effective and easy to install.

Whether you are connecting across the city or across the street, HauteSpot fixed wireless routers can get you maximum performance, complete manageability and absolute reliability.

With advanced features such as IP routing, VPN tunneling, QoS management, spectral scanning, 2x2 MIMO with QAM-64 modulation, and simple to use scripting capability, HauteSpot wireless routers are designed to adapt to the changing requirements you may have in the future.


The new WRAPter product line is an all-in-one solution which combines the antenna and router into one piece, eliminating pigtails, connectors and eases installation, while providing an attractive, aesthetically pleasing look. Inside the WRAPter is the same advanced processor and radio hardware and the HauteRouterOS advanced operating system.


For more severe environments where tampering, vandalism, weather and electrical/RF interference are issues, the HauteWRAP> wireless routers are your ticket. Their hardened aluminum NEMA IP67 case, weatherized connectors and gaskets, and heavy duty mounting brackets make them more immune to tampering, destruction, and RF interference. They also provide flexibility in antenna selection and placement because the antenna is separate from the router. HauteWRAP products can be ordered in kits that combine all of the necessary components, including antenna and pigtails, making it easy to choose the right parts for your particular need.

Both solutions come in a variety of configurations based on use case (base station, client station, repeater, or mesh node), frequency, and range/antenna gain. Typically you will order your wireless system with one base station and then one or more client stations.

HauteSpot fixed wireless routers can be used in mesh, point to multipoint and point to point configurations, or with repeaters in between. You can also choose to use HauteSpot TDMA-Like Protocol (TLP) or 802.11 standard wireless protocols. TLP is designed for low latency, high performance applications like wireless megapixel video streaming. TLP delivers up to 50% better performance than 802.11. With a simple software setting change you can revert back to 802.11 for compatibility.

HauteSpot wireless routers are tested with most major IP cameras and Video Management Systems (VMS). The HauteSpot technical support team understands these systems and can help you optimize your wireless system for best performance with the elements you choose.

HauteSpot HauteWRAP and WRAPterr fixed wireless routers offer the best combination of features, price and performance on the market.

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