Outstanding Performance
True High Gain Devices




While HauteSpot designs its products for extreme outdoor IP video applications first, this doesn’t mean you cannot use them for indoor applications.


HauteWRAP™ indoor routers are compact, yet full feature and high performance. As an 802.11a/b/g/n “Wi-Fi” Access Point (AP) HauteWRAP routers are outstanding. They offer the security and management of enterprise class routers including integrated captive portal, integrated DNS, DHCP, Proxy, and NTP servers, full function accounting to RADIUS servers, WPA2 AES encryption, as well as Virtual Access Points (VAP), VLAN tagging, QoS management and deep packet inspection firewall.

Customize your own captive portal redirection web page which validates user accounts for billing using credit cards or Pay Pal. Implement security measures such as peer to peer traffic blocking quickly and easily. Use the integrated User Manager to create and maintain user accounts.

Of course HauteWRAP indoor routers can stream IP video using our TDMA-Like protocol for outstanding performance and offer all of the features and functions of our outdoor routers.

Because HauteWRAP routers are true high gain devices, they can cover greater areas than competing routers, meaning you need fewer routers.

HauteWRAP routers are intended to be autonomous and do not require any back end controller, so the cost and complexity of implement is reduced. HauteSpot offers its Network Management Software for free. With this powerful software you can track the status of all of your routers, update their software automatically, track resource utilization, and even send alarms in the event that a device fails or is close to failing.

HauteEDGE microNVR™

The microNVR™ is a great solution for indoor video processing. It can be used as a video server virtually anywhere. Just attach an IP or USB camera, let to connect wirelessly to your 802.11b/g/n network or use cellular to access it. You can even run its wireless interface as an access point and allow users to connect from their tablets, smartphones or laptops directly to the microNVR for streaming video content.

As a client device you can use the microNVR as a Home Theater PC (HTPC) or Surveillance Video Client. It easily attaches to the back of any monitor with a VESA mount and outputs video at 1920x1080p resolution over HDMI or DVI.

Indoors or out, HauteSpot Networks has wireless and IP video solutions to meet almost any need.

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