Intelligent. Self-Configuring
Automatically Determine Best Wireless Networks Around




Sometimes you need to take your network with you.

HauteSpot HauteMESH™ and HauteMOBiLE™ routers are designed to be nomadic. Take them where you need them and turn them on. That is it! As intelligent, self-configuring routers, they can be programmed to automatically determine what wireless networks are around them and connect to them as appropriate.


Whether you are an emergency first responder, an event organizer, a member of the military, or a public safety officer, HauteMESH routers can make the data link for you. Wi-Fi, LTE, GSM, HSPA+, UMTS, Public Safety Part 90Y, UHF or almost any other frequency or technology, HauteSpot can provide a nomadic connectivity solution to your organization.

With the ability to support multiple radio interfaces either internally or via USB, the HauteMESH “speaks” almost all wireless languages. When you turn it on, the HauteMESH looks for various backhaul networks, and then it looks for other HauteMESH nodes around it. Nodes mesh together and share backhaul links. Each HauteMESH is also an 802.11a/b/g/n access point, allowing smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, and other devices to use the shared network.


For lower cost, single or dual radio in-vehicle routers, the HauteMOBiLE is your best choice. It can be configured to interconnect with HauteMESH routers, use cellular backhaul, and even serve as an AP for “MiFi” type of service.

With low power consumption, the HauteMESH">HauteMESH and HauteMOBiLE routers can be run for extended periods of time from small, lightweight batteries, from solar, or from vehicle power, making them ideal for emergency situations.

HauteSHOT microNVR™

For live video streaming over cellular and other narrow bandwidth networks or remote recording, the microNVR edge video processing platform is a great solution. Use your own VMS, or one of HauteSpot’s two applications: Mobile Video Vault (MVV) for store and forward video, where non-real-time viewing is acceptable; for live, real-time viewing and GPS tracking use the HauteSpot MVE system which can transmit high definition, high quality, fast frame rate video over 3G and other low bandwidth networks. Using only 8 watts of 12VDC power, the microNVR host for MVE or MVV can also run for hours off small batteries.

If you are going out in the field, bring your network along. Bring your HauteSpot nomadic HauteMESHH router.

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