Secure and Expandable
Wireless Surveillance, Access Control, and Data Services

Hospitals, like education present security challenges at many levels, especially for IP video surveillance.

HauteSpot offers a variety of products designed to easily expand your IP network to all points in your hospital campus, link your clinics, and provide emergency communications in a disaster.


For easy to install, cost effective wireless IP connectivity around your hospital campus supporting both surveillance, access control and even general data services, HauteSpot Networks’ HauteWRAP™ and WRAPter™ lines of wireless routers are ideal. Designed with the demanding requirements of IP video in mind, HauteSpot fixed wireless routers are completely programmable, high speed with MIMO technology, absolutely reliable, and very cost effective. Links of up to 25 miles are possible at data rates up to 160Mbps TCP.

HauteSHOT microNVR™

Hospitals have needs for covert surveillance for pharmaceutical and equipment theft. The HauteSpot microNVR™ is a great solution for this. Place a microNVR in a plenum, on a shelf, or anywhere where concealment is an issue. The microNVR can record from either USB or IP cameras that are easy to conceal. Then remotely log into the microNVR over Wi-Fi or from your cellular network.


Use the HauteSpot HauteLINK™ family of VPN gateways and client routers to securely link remote clinics together over public networks such as DSL, Cable or even cellular. You can keep all of your layer 2 device management using HauteSpot VPN protocols which make remote locations look local. The HauteLINK VPN solution is also a great way to segregate IP surveillance traffic from other IT data traffic on shared networks. Let your security manager have his own network, without fear of swamping your network with video traffic.


For patient tracking and incident management in a disaster, HauteSpot HauteMESH™ products are ideal for creating ad hoc mobile networks in remote locations or to supplement your hospitals campus infrastructure.


Extend your network to ambulance and your EMT support staff using the HauteSpot HauteMOBiLE™ line of in-vehicle routers that can connect over 3G/4G networks as well as private broadband.

HauteSpot Networks comprehensive product line offers solutions for healthcare from many angles.

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