Reliable And Cost Effective
Diverse Set of Configuration Options

Securing apartment complexes, home owners association developments, HUD properties and college dormitories can be a real challenge. Buildings, gates, parking facilities, and entrance points can be geographically dispersed. Management of facilities may be off-site. And you may have many issues with connecting all of these locations together.


HauteSpot HauteWRAP™ and WRAPter™ fixed wireless routers can help you cost effectively and reliably connect all of your locations with the highest speed possible. Line of sight or non-line of sight locations can be reached using HauteSpot diverse set of configuration options including a wide range of frequency options, antenna options, modulation options, and topography options.

As full feature, programmable routers, HauteSpot products enable multi-services networking. You can use the same wireless network to connect your IP video cameras, your access control, and even provide Internet access to your residents. With such capabilities as VLAN tagging, VPN tunneling, QoS management, and virtual access points, you can share your HauteSpot wireless network without fear of flooding your capacity.

HauteSHOT microNVR™

For gated communities the HauteSHOT microNVR™ is a great solution for recording the IP video of gate activity. The microNVR supports all the leading Video Management Systems and is a cost effective way to put video recording where it needs to be. Network your microNVR using HauteSpot wireless routers or connect to your broadband DSL, Cable or 3G/4G and then provide web access to your video, or use a VPN to connect back to a central management site.

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