Tuesday, 22 January 2013 16:00

Fleet Vehicles

Mobile Wireless IP Network
Long Range, High Gain Connectivity




Putting a full function, multi services IP network into fleet and service vehicles can enable a whole new set of capabilities for your organization.


The HauteMOBiLE™ mobile in-vehicle routers are designed specifically for these types of applications. Their integrated high gain 802.11a/b/g/n wireless radios allow client connectivity to any Wi-Fi network at long distance with high speeds. Use this connectivity when you vehicles are in parking lots to transfer data or video quickly and reliably. You can also use this same router to drive up to coffee shops, hotels, truck stops, or other locations that offer Wi-Fi service while you are on the road.

When your vehicles are out on the road, use cellular connectivity to backhaul your IP network over a VPN tunnel. VPN links over public wireless carriers are secure, fully authenticated, highly reliable, and high performance. If you want to stream back video, the HauteVIEW™CMS and HauteVIEW™ DICVS solution provides the best way to move high quality, high resolution video over public wireless.

Once connected over cellular, the 802.11 radio in the HauteMOBiLE router can change modes, automatically from client to access point mode, providing you with long range, high gain connectivity between your vehicle and local devices like smartphones, tablets or laptop computers. You no longer need cellular service for each individual device, they can all connect through the wireless router in your vehicle. This could save you hundreds of dollars a month in connection charges.

HauteSpot products are flexible. Through USB you can gather GPS location and time data. The HauteMOBiLE has drivers to support GPS. You can also gather OBDII diagnostic data, environmental data, and much more. Supporting Serial Over IP, we can stream back almost any sensor data you can imagine.

Finally, if you need to store data in your vehicle, simply attach a USB disk to your HauteMOBiLE router and you have a wireless Network Attached Storage (NAS) server. Share this disk between all your devices in and around your vehicle, or even share the disk over your cellular connection using VPN connectivity.