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A Complete Ecosystem
Law Enforcement Video and Data Management

 HauteSpot products are designed for interoperability with all of our communications; edge processing and storage solutions, as well as with third party systems that are standards based. Not only do we give you a way to record video and data the scene, but we give you the means to transmit it, aggregate it, process it and store it.


Beyond Just Cameras

Our goal is to use technology to improve officer safety and move from using cameras, video, and data for only "after the fact, forensic evidence collection" to being live remote situational awareness communication systems that protect the officer and the community.

HauteVIEW™ 100 Body Worn Camera

  • Resolution up to 3 megapixels
  • Infrared operation
  • Audio record
  • Still image record up to 21 megapixels
  • Integrated GPS
  • Extended battery run time
  • Rugged weatherproof design

HauteVIEW™ 200 Body Worn Network  Camera System ( New)

  • A complete data collection and processing system
  • WiFi
  • 4G
  • Integrated GPS
  • Live streaming of information over highly redundant wireless networks
  • Store and process the data locally
  • Transfer the data automatically


  • Small to large
  • In vehicles or in station houses
  • Can be tied to long term storage solutions that are local or in the cloud

HauteSpot Evidence Case Manager™ (ECM)

  • Agent-based work flow management system for all digital evidence, not just video

HauteSpot Digital In-Car Video System

If you already have an in-vehicle video management system, HauteSpot can enable wireless transfer of video from the system either at super-fast MIMO private broadband speeds while your vehicles are in your police station parking lot, or over 3G/4G while they are on the road. The HauteMOBiLE™ in-vehicle routers get your data moving.


For emergency response and mutual assist events, HauteSpot’ HauteMESH and HauteMOBiLE routers can link up between each other, creating ad hoc on scene communication networks quickly and without user intervention. HauteMESH routers support standard 802.11s mesh protocols, as well as OLSR and OSPF routing, giving you a wide selection of topology options. And you can always interoperate using standard 802.11a/b/g/n protocols, as well as Part 90Y public safety bands.


For municipal surveillance, HauteSpot HauteWRAP and WRAPter products provide comprehensive fixed wireless solutions, optimized for IP video. HauteSpot products are tested for interoperability with most major IP camera and IP Video Management Systems.

HauteEDGE microNVR™

For covert surveillance, nothing beats the flexibility and performance of a microNVR. Consuming only 8 watts of 12VDC power, the microNVR can run from a small battery for several hours. It’s small size makes it easy to wear or conceal. And it can be used with any IP or USB camera. Run any Video Management application you want for live remote streaming over 3G/4G. The microNVR is ideal for pole cameras, “teddy bear” cameras, or for use in drop cars.