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Live Situational Awareness Video Streaming




Buses and trains have a multitude of surveillance and communication needs and HauteSpot has you covered.

HauteSHOT microNVR™

From recording many IP cameras for security on your transit vehicles using our microNVR™ and Mobile Video Vault™ or MVE™ applications; to combining vehicle diagnostic and GPS location data with your video; to live situational awareness video streaming from your transit vehicles to supervisors or police; to parking and traffic violations; to monitoring driver performance HauteSpot has solutions to meet your every need.

Two Unique Mobile IP Video Solutions For Transit

  • Mobile Video Vault™ (MVV) allows you to record, store and transfer video from IP cameras in a vehicle, from a pole, or from any other location for that matter. Video is moved from remote sites or vehicles based on user defined rules. The video can then be stored, consolidated, indexed and archived for later retrieval. All with strict adherence to chain of evidence requirements. MVV can also be used with existing third party video management systems as a hierarchical storage system, combining video from many sources into one searchable archive.
  • For live video streaming, HauteSpot offers the MVE system which sends high quality, high resolution, high frame rate video over 3G and 4G cellular links, while recording the video at megapixel resolution on the microNVR in the car. Again, the system fully maintains the chain of evidence integrity of the video. Video can be viewed on any pc, smartphone or other web device. Along with video, GPS data is tracked along with satellite time for the most accurate evidence record possible.


If you already have an in-vehicle video management system, HauteSpot can enable wireless transfer of video from the system either at super-fast MIMO private broadband speeds while your vehicles are in your police station parking lot, or over 3G/4G while they are on the road. The HauteMOBiLE™ in-vehicle routers get your data moving.


For emergency response and mutual assist events, HauteSpot’ HauteMESH™ and HauteMOBiLE routers can link up between each other, creating ad hoc on scene communication networks quickly and without user intervention. HauteMESH routers support standard 802.11s mesh protocols, as well as OLSR and OSPF routing, giving you a wide selection of topology options. And you can always interoperate using standard 802.11a/b/g/n protocols, as well as Part 90Y public safety bands.


For secure connectivity over public networks HauteSpot HauteLINK™ VPN routers and gateways provide a reliable way to link your transit fleet to your central control points and provide local network manage-ability even while on the road.


In public areas like train and bus stations, HauteSpot HauteWRAP™ and WRAPter™ routers can provide complete wireless public Internet access that is fully controlled and highly managed. In operations areas HauteSpot wireless routers can provide wireless connectivity for your technicians and mechanics.

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