Monitor Safety and Assets
Complete Video and Data Management Solution

Warehousing and industrial automation in general is a great place to use wireless to secure your warehouse with IP video surveillance and provide roaming network access.


HauteSpot HauteWRAP™ and WRAPter™ fixed wireless routers make excellent base station routers in warehouses, providing extended range, great management, and reliable service. HauteSpot fixed wireless routers support standard 802.11a/b/g/n, so any client device can connect. We also support our proprietary TDMA like protocol which gives better performance with lower latency than 802.11 for video and voice.

HauteSpot routers are designed for the most demanding IP video applications, but can also support voice and data. If you want to secure your warehouse with IP video surveillance and provide roaming network access, there is no better solution.

Indoors or outdoors HauteSpot has rugged wireless IP routing products that can be used for perimeter security around the edge of your facilities, as well as on the warehouse floor.

HauteSpot has an installed base of industrial automation applications that include machine inspection systems and robotic system monitoring. For instance a HauteMOBiLE™ router along with an IP camera can be placed on robotic picking systems, then stream back to a HauteSHOT microNVR™ attached to a HauteWRAP base station at the head of an aisle. The complete operation management system can stream live video from the robot along with diagnostic and control data.

HauteSHOT microNVR™

You may even want to use the microNVR as a body worn remote data gathering computer. Any Windows application can be run on the microNVR and stream back wirelessly to your main network. USB or serial attached bar code or RFID scanners can be attached to read data into your application.

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