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HauteSpot HiveMINDER™ VMS

Record. Create. Review.
Your simple, powerful VMS




Introducing of  HiveMINDER™ VMS

HauteSpot HiveMINDER, is the fully distributed mesh VMS system, which runs on the innovative HauteSpot Networks HiveCAM. HiveMINDER is a simple to use, powerful VMS that supports leading edge features and functions. Install a single camera or hundreds and HiveMINDER will scale right along with your network.

Ease of Use

It is simple to add cameras, record, create rules, and review recordings, all from this simple application which has the same, easy to use interface on all platforms.

Flexible Platforms

HiveMINDER is unique in that it can run directly on your HiveCAM, a microNVR, a MS Windows computer, a Macintosh, a Linux computer, an Android smartphone, or an iPhone. The same small, memory efficient application is both a Server and a Client and allows you to link cameras together creating a distributed backup system today, and is the platform for the advanced analytic plug-ins of the near future.

When run on top of a HauteSpot mesh network, HiveMINDER allows you to discover other nodes, view video, cross link storage, and process video using a simple visual configurator. Like drawing a simple flow chart, HiveMINDER allows you to create steps in a processing chain to handle your video.

HiveMINDER is designed to run on the HiveCAM™  or any of the microNVR™  family of open platform edge video processors. The HiveCAM and microNVR family are designed to run either MS Windows or Linux, so you can add your own applications to support HiveMINDER too!

Any HiveMINDER node can communicate with any other node.

System integrators can use the open API and comprehensive set of tools to create innovative and highly differentiated products using HiveMINDER, HiveCAM and microNVR family products.

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  • Remote view via mobile devices, laptops and tablets.
  • Internet broadcasting via services like Ustream, Justin TV or LiveStream
  • Quick setup by duplicating chains
  • Text message (SMS) notification
  • E-mail notifications (with attached JPEG images and MJPEG videos
  • Cross linking storage between HiveCAMs for backup
  • 1-click-easy updates
  • Innovative intuitive graphical interface
  • Support 23 languages

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