General Questions

Why does HauteSpot Networks work so much better for point to multipoint video networks than other wireless solutions?

First, HauteSpot's wireless equipment utilizes the TDMA-like protocol which makes many improvements over standard collision based protocols. This protocol is designed for video and audio streaming.

  • The system master provides timing to all nodes on the network
  • It establishes consistent frame sizing
  • It orchestrates frequency changes for the network
  • It takes care of guaranteed delivery

Next, the radio subsystems used by HauteSpot Networks have superior transmit gain, receive sensitivity, and noise rejection. HauteSpot uses complex algorithms for adaptive noise immunity. These algorithms find the signal of nodes and adaptively filter out signals from other “interferers”.

Next, the processors used and the operating system of HauteSpot Networks products are designed for wireless performance. The architecture is “non-blocking”, meaning that every element of the system is balanced so that traffic flows through the system, unimpeded.

Finally, the management system for the system is designed to allow you, the administrator, full control of all aspects of the system, while dynamic functions adapt the system to the environment when needed.


We need several type of solutions: P2P, P2MP, APs for mobile mining equipment, personal computing devices, etc. There are also many type of applications: such as automation, video surveillance, ERPs, etc.

Great! Our products are purpose built for all of these applications, especially for video over wireless.


I am specially interested in your HauteWRAP and HauteMOBILE products. I am looking for a rugged outdoor AP with dual radio (backbone and client access), 2x2 each, high power, 5Ghz a/n for backbone/mesh connectivity and 2.4Ghz b/g for client access, ethernet 10/100 and GPS to track position.

We have our WRAPDX2E+N product that has (2) 2x2 MIMO radios in both 2.4 and 5.8GHz. We have the ability to take in GPS information from a USB NMEA device. All of our WRAP Plus products are MIMO with Gigabit Ethernet ports.


Where do orders ship from?

All orders ship from HauteSpot Networks located in San Luis Obispo, CA (zip 93401).


How do I get pricing and/or availability?

There best way to obtain pricing and availability is:

  • Call us at 1-805-541-9477, or 1-800-541-5589
  • Email us and request a quote: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What is the furthest distance link you can achieve wirelessly?

This depends on a few factors, but with line of sight and no wireless interference, using 5.8GHz, we can achieve 25 miles. Theoretically we can achieve links much longer than that, however, antenna alignment becomes exponentially more difficult. Remember that you need to account for the Fresnel Zone clearance. The required installation height of the antennas increases as the distance of the link increases.


Do you have management software to manage the equipment?

Yes. We have HS configurator which is a layer 2 and 3 management/configuration software for WRAP products. We also have HS Network Manager which is very powerful and can keep an eye on the health of your entire network including the WLAN and LAN. Both are 100% with any purchase of a HauteSpot WRAP product. We have extensive manuals which detail the usage of aforementioned products.


What is difference between "near real time" and "real time"?

It is impossible to be actual 'real time' when you have a camera that captures the images. A PC that needs to transcode the images and internet connection that no one has control over the latency.

The difference between 'real time' and 'near real time' is called latency (time it takes information to travel from one PC to another PC over the network/internet). Typicality measure in 'ms' or milliseconds.

We are better than others in regards to latency. For example, others' "near real time" might be 100ms and HauteSpot's "near real time" might be 60ms. However, the latency also is highly dependent on the network we are transmitting the video across.


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