What is a mesh cell?

A mesh cell is a group of wireless mesh nodes sharing the same SSID and frequency. They are able to wirelessly link together creating a "mesh cell". Mesh cells can connect to other mesh shells via Ethernet ports or through a multi-radio mesh units, utilizing static or dynamic routing techniques.


What is the maximum number of HauteMESH units recommended per mesh cell?

8 nodes for most IP CCTV applications, up to 15 for other applications including voice and data.


What is the maximum number of hops that you recommend for IP Video applications?

8 hops maximum.


What is a hop?

A hop is counted every time data is sent from one layer 3 networking device (any HauteWRAP) and is received on another layer 3 networking device. For example, a data packet being sent from a wireless router A to wireless router c will hop two times. A to B (1 hop), B to c (1 hop). 


What is the maximum number of cameras you recommend per mesh cell?/b>

Generally, 8 IP cameras. Typically up to 5 Megapixels per camera.


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