How do you power up the unit when installed in a vehicle?

Either directly from the vehicles 12volt battery(s), 12v cigarette lighter transformer, or a UPS. You will want to have a UPS to provide power for the unit to perform any wireless uploading or downloading of CCTV video after the vehicle has been shutoff.


How do you keep the unit powered up after the vehicle has been turned off?

With a UPS. HauteSpot Networks has the HauteUPS-MOBiLE, a mobile UPS that provides power to HauteMOBiLE and HauteSHOT products.


How much bandwidth can I expect from a stationary vehicle with the HauteMOBiLE installed, connected to a HauteSpot base station?

Typically we see 150Mbps (Megabits Per Second) to a HauteWRAP base station. If you have multiple HauteMOBiLE's connected to a single HauteSpot base station, just divide ~150Mbps by the number of HauteMOBiLE's connected, and that is what you should expect to see in throughput.


Who should purchase the HauteMOBiLE wireless router?

Many of our customers are Police, Fire and First Responders. They use the device for everything ranging from creating a hybrid wireless/Ethernet network for communication applications and data sharing, to completely automated video uploading applications from on board video recorders. If you are in need of network connectivity while staying mobile, then this is the product for you.


Does the unit come with an antenna?

No, however we have just the antenna you need.


Can I manage all my HauteMOBiLE's from one location/PC?

Yes! Utilizing a VPN architecture, your HauteMOBiLE's can "phone home," allowing you to log into the unit from anywhere you have an internet connection (note: the HauteMOBiLE will also need to have an internet connection).


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