We need an option to stream live using HauteVIEW, can you recommend what is the best way to do this. Can i use third party device like Terradek or Lvestream broadcaster by using the HDMI output?

HauteVIEW 100 has an HDMI output which can be attached to any device which supports HDMI input capture. This will be a live 1080p30 stream. So you could put it into a Teradek or Livestream box, but we also are just releasing a version of the microNVR1500 with HDMI input. Using this with HiveMINDER VMS or OpenBroadcaster you can send your video over cellular, over wifi, or over Ethernet, and record it, and protect it with VPN, and run analytic...

HauteVIEW 200 which will have limited range WiFi built in for live streaming to the microNVR or HauteWRAP access point.

Where can I find the management utilities software on your Web site?

Log onto the web site under the support menu. If you don’t already have a user id, create one. After you log in, then the download option will appear under the support menu. You will find the utilities for the HauteVIEW in there under software.

Does the HauteVIEW 100 have wireless capabilities?

The HauteVIEW100 does not have any wireless capabilities, however, the HauteVIEW200 and 300 will have wireless capabilities and is scheduled to be release in Q3.

What is the maximum distance the HauteVIEW 100 can see in the dark?

With the Black and White mode with integrated IR is on, the HauteVIEW 100 can see objects up to 30 feet away, outdoors. Indoors, you may see better performance as the light from the IR illuminators is reflected off objects, illuminating more surface area. For example, a typical 10x12 bedroom is easily lit up as if it were daytime (black and white image only) with the built in IR.

Can I delete or modify video that has been recorded on the HauteVIEW 100?

No, you cannot delete or modify video from the camera itself, even if you had the administrator password for the device. You can only delete video if you have the proper authorization once it has been transferred to an approved PC for storage. This usually requires a privileged username and password.

How many cameras can the HauteVIEW DOCK Evidence Transfer Station manage simultaneously?

We have two models available. One can manage up to 20 cameras simultaneously and one can manage up to 8 cameras simultaneously. If you have 30 cameras, but only wish to purchase one HauteVIEW Dock, you can still manage all 30 cameras, however, only 20 simultaneously.

How much battery life does the HauteVIEW 100 have?

You can expect to achieve 10 hours of continuous recording in day operating mode at a resolution of 640x480 at 30 FPS.

How do I turn on the laser pointer?

The laser pointer is enabled and disabled by pressing and holding the OK/Confirm Key for 2 seconds.

Is the software compatible with Windows 8.1?

The software only works on Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2000. We do not yet have signed drivers for Windows 8.1. We were waiting for windows 10 to come before we spent time on this. Windows 8.1 prevents unsigned drivers from being installed and thus will prevent the Cam Manager software from connecting to the HauteView 100 via a USB connection. If you wish to disable this feature on your computer, a step by step guide is available at the following external link: https://www.howtogeek.com/167723/how-to-disable-driver-signature-verification-on-64-bit-windows-8.1-so-that-you-can-install-unsigned-drivers

How long does it take to fully charge the HauteVIEW 100?

180 minutes.

Can I integrate the HauteVIEW 100 camera into my existing VMS system?

That depends on your current systems capabilities. If it can play a MPEG4 or AVI file format, then yes. For live streaming of body worn camera video into an existing system, you will need the HauteVIEW300 with a VMS that is ONVIF compatible.

How do you record voice? What standards do you use (G711?), is it integral to the video or can it be separated out?

On the current HauteVIEW 100, audio is recorded in two ways:

  1. It is recorded whenever video is recorded and is multiplexed into the video stream as the audio channel of h.264 mp4 file.
  2. In parallel, there is a record button which looks like a microphone which kicks off a AAC/MP3 WAV file record. This is a separate recording which can run alone or at the same time as video. It is recorded as a separate file.

So the answer is Yes. Integral and separate.

Is the HauteVIEW 100 water proof?

Yes. The HauteVIEW 100 is rated IP67.

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