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Yubba-Sutter Transit

Project Synopsis

Yubba-Sutter Transit issued an RFP to implement a comprehensive IP Surveillance System for three Park and Ride lots. This project was funded under the Transit System Safety, Security and Disaster Response Account administered by California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) to implement a system.

 The project required the integrator to provide 30 days of video storage from multiple cameras across multiple light poles without trenching (The trenching costs alone would have sent the project over budget), without power availability and within budget.

Enter HauteSpot Networks in collaboration with Precision West Technologies, inc. From RFP to engineering to implementation, HauteSpot Networks designed and supported Precision West through the entire sales process. The HauteSpot solution included HauteSpot wireless routers, solar kits, UPS and NVR products to provide the winning, total solution for Yuba-Sutter Transit.  

The HauteSpot solution transmits multiple megapixel IP cameras wirelessly back to the microNVR2000 for edge IP video recording. Each light pole in the parking lots with IP cameras and wireless transceivers were powered using HauteSpot’s solar power kits with battery backup. The microNVR edge video recorders are powered using UPS products which draw power from the light pole as available when the lights are on, then runs off the UPS batteries during the daytime when the lights are off. Each of the three Park and Ride Locations has a single microNVR2000 for the edge recording functionality, which also provides a Wi-Fi hotspot for wireless video viewing and transfer.

The customer has the ability to drive up within 300 feet of each microNVR2000 and wirelessly connect to the NVR to view and download recorded or live video. Should the customer find the need; the simple addition of a USB cellular modem to the microNVR2000 will give the customer the ability to view the video remotely over the Internet. Precision West Technologies and HauteSpot Networks’ proposal not only provided the most viable solution; it did so significantly below budget.

Integrator: Precision West Technologies, inc.
Products: HauteWRAP™, Solar, UPS, HauteEDGETM microNVR2000
IP Cameras: 5mp Arecont Cameras
Project Type:Municipality Video Surveillance

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